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Golden Jojoba Aftercare Oil 10ml

Our Golden Jojoba Aftercare Oil is perfect for moisturising your skin and protecting your henna design from harsh environments. 

  • Pure and natural liquid wax.
  • Rich oil, nourishing and moisturising. 
  • Protects your stain allowing it to stay on for longer.
  • Aids in darkening your stain.  
  • Un-fragranced, unrefined cold pressed Egyptian oil. 
  • Easy to use 10ml roll on applicator.
  • Applied after henna paste is scraped off from the skin. 
  • Patch test is required on skin. Do not use if irritation occurs. 


Store at normal room temperature and out of direct sunlight. 

Expiration date:

Golden Jojoba Oil has  a shelf life in excess of 12 months.

International Orders: 

Can be shipped internationally. Please email for shipping times and prices. 

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